Public Safety

Public safety has been a major priority for my administration. I have been a proponent of community policing strategies that have decreased crime statistics to a record low. Addressing public safety requires a holistic approach and the fostering of a sense of community - reinforcing the stake we have in each other's lives. During my first term, we have begun to restore the relationship between our distinguished police officers and our citizens, establishing foot and bike patrol and launching a mobile community policing unit. These steps, in addition to the launching of a new K-9 unit, have made our streets measurably safer: 2012 was the first year in over 25 years that Holyoke was without a recorded homicide. Our safer streets have been essential to rebranding the City of Holyoke's image and to cultivating a sense of civic pride. 

As Mayor, I have:

  • Supported the Holyoke Fire and Police Departments.
  • Seen the first homicide-free year in over twenty-five years.
  • Opened three substations on Maple Street and High Street.
  • Expanded community policing by launching the Mobile Community Policing Unit.
  • Introduced the canine unit, implemented Tasers, and started bike and foot patrols.
  • Consolidated narcotics department.
  • Established a traffic unit.
  • Implemented new technology at the Holyoke Fire Department: new notification systems, radios, and IPads for communication.
  • Established Needle Exchange, which has made our streets cleaner and safer. 
  • Heightened sense of community.
  • Toured senior residences with police chief.